What Kids Should Know About Filipino Food

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It’s a children’s book that will make adults do a number of things while they’re reading it- nod in approval, smile at a memory, or even laugh out loud. What Kids Should know About Filipino Food, Mama Sita Centennial edition, is the latest in a series of Adarna books that will make Filipinos of any age realize how truly rich and interesting their culinary culture is, and how proud they should be of their rich multi-ethnic heritage.


Culinary historian and author Felice Sta. Maria uses her depth and breadth of knowledge on Filipino food culture to make the subject more digestible and palatable for kids and adults, too. It’s light reading but heavy on information- peppered with facts, folklore, trivia and superstitious beliefs. It explores practices in the kitchen, at the table, and anywhere else where food is cooked, served and enjoyed.


Sta. Maria points to ingredients or sources of food derived from the land, air and sea, with colorful illustrations brought to life by young artist Mika Bacani. Sta Maria shares, “I want to emphasize the fundamental inter- relationship between environs and food culture. We need to know that land, water and air must be kept safe so our food will be kept safe, and public health safe.”


One chapter describes a Filipino heritage kitchen, where older readers will recognize the banggera, bantalan, garapinyera, gilingan, and kudkuran, to name a few. Another features typical cooking methods employed in and out of the kitchen such as grilling (ihaw-ihaw), sautéeing (guisado), boiling (nilaga), and frying (prito), followed by a fun feature on street food and panaderia favorites. There’s also the Chinoy meryenda spread that tackles all kinds of pancit and other snacks such as siomai, siopao, kikiam, hopia and taho.


What Kids Should Know About Filipino Food is like a mini encyclopedia of everything Pinoys love to cook and eat, making it the perfect gift for anyone interested in Philippine culinary culture.


WHAT KIDS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT FILIPINO FOOD is available in leading bookstores.

Source: Lifestyle Asia Magazine, July 2017