Our History


Mama Sita Foundation (MSF) is a non-stock non-profit organization supporting Mama Sita’s initiatives in promoting Philippine culinary heritage and agricultural sustainability.

The Foundation’s work is most evident in its mission to bridge cultures and foster awareness about Filipino cuisine. Since 1982, it has visited more than 200 different countries and territories. It carries on with the vision and legacy of its inspiration, Teresita “Mama Sita” Reyes, by championing Philippine food abroad. Thus helping improve the livelihood of those who grow or prepare them.

In 2002, MSF launched the Search for a Cooking Family using native ingredients and practising ecological waste management in the kitchen. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Larin’s family of Mercy’s Carinderia in Navotas, Metro Manila received the first Mama Sita Culinary Excellence Award. 

In 2009, the second Mama Sita Culinary Excellence Award was given to Ms. Cristeta Pasia Comerford, who brought international recognition and fame to Filipino chefs by becoming the first Filipino-American Executive Chef of the White House. 

From 2007 to 2012, under the leadership of National Scientist Benito S. Vergara and in cooperation with the office of Sen. Ramon Magsaysay, Jr. and PCARRD (Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources), the best variety of the new crops developed by plant breeders were selected for field trials to develop best cultivars for commercial propagation by interested growers. 

In 2012, the Foundation launched “Mga Kwentong Pagkain,” a story writing contest with food as the central and compelling theme, in the hope of encouraging the practice and preservation of food writing. By doing so, it adds to the already rich literature on Filipino food and helps in recording the evolution of the Filipino culinary culture told in a voice that is personal, unassuming and heart-warming.


Our Mission


To assist in the upliftment of economic situation of Filipino family enterprises;

To develop food technology, food service and good housekeeping skills for sharing to interested enterprising individuals and families;

To preserve and enrich Filipino culinary heritage and positive values;

To develop an integrated training and ecological resource management system that highlights Mama Sita’s values; and, 

To advocate knowledge of health food and adaptation of the Filipino into a modern ecological setting.


Our Vision

To create God-centered enterprising families in a healthy environment enjoying Filipino cuisine and culture.